Munin and Nginx Install on Ubuntu or Debian – system monitoring for ISPCONFIG

munin system monitor

Munin is one of the most powerful systems for monitoring dedicated / VPS servers and cloud environments.  It is designed around a client-server architecture and can be configured to monitor the system it’s installed on […]

Secure your wp-admin login area of WordPress


Most attacks on our WordPress start with the login area, the wp-admin or wp-login.php. All script kiddies or brute-force attacks will try to get a valid login on the wp-admin page. Other attacks can be on […]

Let’s Encrypt for ISPCONFIG on Ubuntu 16.04


Preparations: If you haven’t already, be sure to create an A Record that points to the public IP address of your server. A 52.67.XXX.XXX To install let’s encrypt is a lot easier now that […]

Transfer a database to another host with Navicat and make a 1:1 copy (MySQL, MariaDB+more)

Navicat Premium

Today we have to migrate a dBase from our Dedicated Server in Sâo Paulo to our new Dedicated Server in Brasilia. For a good backup, you have to stop any activity on the site, this […]

Using Fail2Ban and UFW to secure NGINX and WordPress and other system services

Introduction to Fail2Ban and UFW. Fail2Ban is a log parsing application that monitors systems log for symptoms of an automated attack of your server. When an attack is beeing detected, using defined parameters, Fail2Ban will add […]

MONIT – Automatic restart failing service and system monitor

How to setup Monit on Ubuntu for monitoring common web services and to reduce your downtime. Monit can auto-restart your services, run scripts, sends emails and monitor all the time that you wish, for free! […]

NGINX with PHP5.6, PHP7.0. PHP 7.1 and HHVM with fallback to PHP7.1

Let start with the installation of NGINX with ngx_pagespeed and HHVM, you can follow the next link to get NGINX with ngx_pagespeed and HHVM  installed on your system. If you want to install MariaDB also you […]

Kernel Panic: Automatic reboot a Server Linux and Send email to the system Administrator


Kernel Panic is the same as the famous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) in windows, only with one difference. The Linux server won’t reboot automatic and keeps in the Kernel Panic for days if nobody […]

Setup new Domain with in NGINX with Key Based Authentication for ProFTPd To Use SFTP


Our goal of today is to setup a new Domain in NGINX, protected with a Private and Public key generated with Puttygen.exe. We also will change our default port for SSH from 22 to another […]

Secure Your USB flash Drive for Privacy – Bitlocker

Most of us are using a USB flash drive, aka a pen-drive or thumb drive, to store private data files. It is small and easy to carry because of its size. We store our pictures, […]