Brazil’s first 100% Green Power Crypto currency mining. Join the club, become an investor. 13,5% Profit annual.
More details on the next page!!! We wanted to be the first 100% Green power crypto mine in Brazil and selected solar panels for that.

It’s really easy to become an investor or an angel investor. We have set a limit to become an investor. This limit is minimal USD 5.000,00 and minimal for 1 year. The max is not set, the sky is the limit. 
Your investment makes us grow, so in return we reward you with 13,5% profit of your investment. See the next page with real examples.
We have 2 options to receive your investment, cheap and fast. A normal bank (wire) transfer is slow.

We have a B2B account at Payoneer and TransferWise (free for everyone) with the lowest of the cost to transfer.

Please open a ticket at for more information about your question and to receive the correct payment system. This ticket system is personal and can be seen as your statement. All information stored in our ticket system is bound to your personal account