To run a crypto mining farm is very expensive if you run it on normal energy. But you might ask, how does it work? In fact, it is not so difficult, you buy 10 good video cards (GPU’s) a main board that has 10 slots and some other cheap hardware, and you are ready to start. Then comes the hard part….. Maintaining all your GPU’s in a cool environment and the 24/7 optimizing for all your GPU’s.

All money that investors in VECKS will be used to increase our mining capacity. This is the so-called “Hash rate”

The mining farm (RIG) is up and running for 24/7, consuming lots of energy out of the wall. In Brazil, they have colors for the different tariffs they charge for electricity. The green is relative cheap, enough water in the reserve, but the red tariff is expensive (dry seizon.)

VECKS on the other hand is powered by 100% solar panels, 100% green power. Independent of the energy cooperation. Daytime means generating power and the electricity that is not used is transferred to the energy company and used as credit (valid for 5 years). Normal you inject your solar energy on daytime into the network of the energy company. So what we earn by solar power keeps valid for 5 years in credits. The credit are used by us at nighttime, when our solar panels don’t generate energy. Our facility with solar panels is unique in Brazil. We have 365 sun, with a high radiation and there are only a few companies using green Solar Power
Every day we calculate if we need to buy more solar panels or Cryptocoins Mining RIGS.

A mining farm can easily gain 40K USD day lay.

If you want to start with mining and want to invest in our mining facility you can. We give you 13,5% profit a year. To start the minimum is USD 5.000,00, also for a year. You can ask for a payback including the 13,5% after 365 days. You win in this case USD 675,00. Likewise, you can also leave the amount with us and earn even more. The second year you will earn USD 5.675,00 + 766,13 = USD 6441,13.

The longer you let us manage your investment the more profit you have. At the end of year 3 you have USD 7310,68 assets in our company. With the profit of USD 869,55 you earned in 3 years USD 869,68.

Your investment is now in year 4 USD 8297,22. Gained USD 986,54.
Your investment is now in year 5 USD 9417,12. At the end of year 5 your assets are USD 10.688,68

The more time you have your assets in our mining frame means that your assets grow quickly, double them. The more money there is in the mining machine, in your  investment fly. It’s easy to double it in a little time frame.

A maximum amount / time to invest is not set.

For more information use our chat (when available) or open a ticket at